18 October 2012

It's been a while...

Yes, it's true, I haven't been blogging in a long time. The reason: I moved from Ireland to the UK in April 2012 and life has taken its own course. I haven't really had much time to blog but will rectify this from now on.

I've been living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK since May this year and I love it! I moved over here bringing my young dog Sammy (2 years since August this year) and through walking with Sammy I've met lots of people. Being a highly populated area, there are usually people out in the park(s) with their dogs at any time of the day, and what do dog owners do when they meet? - They chat while their dogs are playing.

In Grosvenor Park, Tunbridge Wells, a lot of dog owners meet in a certain part of the park and sometimes we have as many as 15 dogs play together, usually peacefully. We now even have a Facebook group with over 45 members.

As my husband is still living and working in Ireland, I feel so fortunate that I've met so many friendly dog owners here in TW. I've made some new friends and acquaintances, and with my dog Sammy being happy too, I feel that I'm quite fortunate living here even after losing my job a couple of weeks ago.

More on all this later. - I'm back and will be blogging again.

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