02 November 2012

Jimmy Savile - from BBC Star to Social Outcast

Hard to believe how Jimmy Savile has fallen from grace within a year of his death at the age of 84. Anybody who grew up in England or lived in the UK or Ireland in the 1970s or 80s would have certainly known this eccentric celebrity who made people's wishes come true in Jim'll Fix It. He raised millions for charity and was one of the BBC's biggest ever stars.
Jimmy Savile in his hayday

Apparently, there had been rumours about him liking teenage girls that little bit too much, but there had never been enough proof for any kind of prosecution.
Now we have every reason to believe that Savile was a sexual predator preying on young teenage girls and possibly even younger girls and boys. He used his celebrity status to lure those kids into his BBC changing room, his caravan, his Rolls Royce or even the nurses accommodation in one of the hospitals he appeared to have access to whenever he so desired.
The BBC bosses are horrified as the flood gates opened in the aftermath of an ITV programme on Savile's sexual preferences which was aired in October this year. Savile may have abused in the region of 300 young people over a 40 year period and some of these incidents happened on BBC premises. There appeared to be enough evidence for a BBC programme to be screened last December in which a woman described her ordeal with Savile when she was only 14 - but this programme was axed by the BBC in favour of an all singing all dancing Boxing Day review about the late Jimmy Savile, fund-raising guru and favourite of the people who fixed it for so many kids.
Some of the girls he fixed it for are now going to sue his estate.

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