01 August 2009

Mobile Phone/Cell Phone brands

I'm just curious to find out what you think, so I've put up a poll at the bottom of this page to find out which brand of mobile phone you're using.
I used to be a devoted fan of Nokia phones. Wouldn't have anything else. I must've had something like 8 or 10 different Nokia phones over the last 8 years, including some of their smart phones. One phone I really loved was the Nokia E65, but I found that the font was really small and hard to read and couldn't be increased in size except for the mobile internet pages.
At the end of last year, I tried the Samsung Tocco which is a really neat touch screen phone, but I had problems with the internet connection on it, so I sent it back in exchange for the LG Renoir, LG's latest and greatest touch screen phone at that time. With an 8.1 megapixel camera, this was a great phone. However, I missed many calls on this phone as the volume was very low and couldn't be adjusted to the level I wanted. After a lot of consideration, I sold it.
I purchased another Nokia phone, the Nokia 6620 classic, which has a 5 mega pixelcamera with Carl Zeiss lens and flash. I'm happy enough with, although it's not the most stylish design. A little bit more thought in designing it would've benefited the phone.
My other phone is a Sony Ericcson W595 in blue with a 3.2 megapixel camera. My husband's been using Sony Ericsson phones for years and swears by them, but I always preferred Nokia's interface. Having used the W595 for a couple of months now, I've become a Sony Ericsson fan. I prefer the style of many of their phones to the latest Nokia models and the interface is definitely superior. With regard to the font, I'm having no problems reading my text messages or contacts, as the font size can be easily adjusted on the lastest generation of Sony Ericsson mobiles.
So when my contract for the Nokia phone is up in the winter, I reckon I'll be choosing another Sony Ericsson phone unless Nokia come up with a model that totally bowls me over.

Please vote in my poll at the bottom of this page for the phone brand(s) you're using at present. - Sorry, poll is now closed.


adiaha said...

I have a Helio Ocean and I HATE IT! It coudl be worse...the unlimited plan per month is awesome.

George said...

My employer gave me a Sony-Ericsson K750i for business use around the end of 2004 and didn't want it back when I retired. I still have it and it's working fine.

I bought a Nokia N93 for my wife at the beginning of 2007, a state-of-the-art phone at that time. It soon developed problems and gave us a lot of frustration until Nokia replaced it following my report to the government's consumer site. I then decided never to buy a Nokia again.

I will have to replace my phone some time in the near future but I will look for a smartphone with Wi-Fi, GPS and Windows Mobile operating system to use it as a PDA and phone at the same time. Most probably it will be an HTC but I haven't decided yet.

It will certainly not be an iPhone, I simply hate Apple and would never buy a phone which has to be sent to Apple even to have its battery changed.