04 January 2010

Does this make me a Mama gamer?

This is a continuation of yesterday's post with a link to my daughter's blog.
As mentioned before, I still enjoy computer games and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Didn't I even read somewhere that gaming is good for you as a stress busting pastime?
As my daughter mentioned in her blog, I started playing games when I purchased a Sega Mega Drive in the early 90s. No, tell a lie, the first computer game I ever played was a demo version of Prince of Persia in 1989 or 1990. Someone gave me a copy of it on floppy disc and I played it, sneakily, when I wasn't busy at work. I used a word processor at work but didn't have a PC at home in those days. The game was in black and white back then and it fascinated me no end. Got my adrenalin going too as it was a very exciting game for someone who'd never played a computer game before.
Next was the Sega Mega Drive. The reason I bought it was that I had fallen into the awful habit of playing fruit machines (slot machines) in London and in Kent where I owned a holiday caravan at the time. Anybody who has ever played fruit machines will know how addictive these contraptions can be. I simply couldn't afford to waste my hard earned money this way. During that same period, I also enjoyed the odd arcade game. So I decided to buy a Sega Mega Drive and "wean" myself off the fruit machines. - It worked! I haven't played a fruit machine in nearly 20 years.
I bought Mega Drive games when I could afford to, games like Sonic I and II, Streets of Rage, Fantastic Dizzy (was that the name of that egg going on quests and adventures?), Sonic Spinball, Ecco The Dolphin and many more. One game that was brilliant and was ahead of its time was Flashback, a RPG with great graphics and complicated moves but so difficult to play that you needed cheats to advance in some levels. And there were some strategy games like Mega Lo Mania, a game that I played until late into the night.
I suppose I stopped playing my Mega Drive Games when we got our first Windows PC in 1998. I then dicovered the amazing world of the internet and didn't regularly play any games except for the likes of Solitaire and other card games. Then I came across a demo of the first Age of Empires and I was hooked again. Bought the game and ended up buying several of the follow ups. I have to admit, I still play the AoE games now and again as I think they're fabulous. Tried to play similar games like Settlers and AoE clones, but I like none of them as much as the original games. I also played games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital etc., but I found that they drove me mad after a while.
Another series of games I enjoyed playing were Commando and it's sequels. I enjoyed the challenge of finding ways around crazy obstacles in these warzone games.
Then I discovered the massive online RPG Runescape which I played for at least 2 years on a regular basis. My daughter who had gone to university by then, played World of Warcraft which I never tried to play as our internet connection would have been too slow for it.
There have been lots of other games I haven't mentioned, but they would've mainly been games I didn't enjoy that much:
Prince of Persia for PC (lost some of the old excitement), a new Prince of Persia for PC (from the last few years) which has nothing to do with the old game.
Myst which I couldn't get the hang of and lots of other games that didn't grab my attention.
Some games I like, but they're slow moving and can be frustrating, games like Lost, the PC game.
I recently bought Alone in the Dark and Jade Empire (Special Edition) which I quite like as well.
My new laptop has a decent graphics card, so I should be able to play some of the fast new games if I get bored with the games I have.
Boy gamers, girl gamers, male and female gamers, where's the difference? If you have a competitive nature and you love a challenge, you can play any game you like. I'm not particularly keen on games with lots of gore, but that doesn't mean I'm happy to play cute pink "girlie" games. Playability, challenge and excitement is what matters to me when it comes to games.
Looks like I'm not gonna settle down in front of the telly with my knitting in the near future.


Mr. Stupid said...

So you like strategy games hah?
Well, I am a game addict too. I would take games over my Dinner. I would take games over Candy. Well no, not over candy!
Anyways, I love games too. So have you given the Sims series a try?

Angela said...

Hi Mr Stupid, no, I havent's tried the Sims yet. Looked a bit childish to me, but I could be totally wrong. You'd recommend the Sims?

Aleye said...

I wouldn't necessarily call the Sims childish, but I personally didn't find it particularly captivating. Just didn't feel like there was all that much of a purpose to the game. But then, I probably didn't give it enough of a chance. Also I'm pretty sure I skipped all the tutorials, so that might have something to do with it!

Angela said...

Sounds like me, Aleye...Never been good at following instructions as I always think I can figure things out for myself, lol.