21 July 2009

Is there an easy way to make money on the internet?

I am a member of one of these referral sites that promises to get you lots of traffic to your website. It does to an extent, but in exchange for their services, I need to check out and review a certain number of websites each day.
So I've seen a lot of website over the last few weeks which I wouldn't have normally come across. Some of the most interesting sites are the Money Making sites.
If you were to believe these sites, making money would require nothing besides sitting in an armchair and watching TV while the money would be pouring in, not just a few cent from your Google Adsense but large amounts of money, several hundred dollars a day - and all that for doing nothing.
Network marketing, although outlawed, still seems to attract a lot of people who are looking to get rich quick, and isn't there an abundance of "Get Rich" books out there which you will have to purchase, of course, before you can find out how to get rich quickly.
Or think of all the infallible systems that will bring in money by the cartload once you've subscribed to xyz scheme.
Some of these sites really make me laugh, especially if they're unprofessional and thrown together in one rainy afternoon. How gullible do these operators think people are?
Unfortunately, in these recessionary times, more and more people will try and make money on the internet and fall prey to dubious schemes and scams.
It's my firm belief that the old saying holds true: "There is no such thing as a free lunch". If someone is promising you riches, you can bet your bottom dollar that they want their share and if what they're offering sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
So the sobering truth is, you've got to put in the work and the hours if you want to succeed in making money online. There is no shortcut or guaranteed recipe for success, but the more knowledge your acquire about websites, SEO (search engine optimisation), web design and marketing, the better your chances will be of making some money via the internet. Riches? If you're one of the lucky ones who sells the right product at the right time etc., maybe you'll make a lot of money.
The majority of us, however, will have to work hard in order to get by.
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SleightGirl said...

I think I've been on the same referal site... I haven't been impressed with most of the web pages, but I've loved reading the blogs...your's included.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and also, there's no EASY MONEY!

Lorri said...

So very true! Some of these are strictly a source of entertainment and eye rolling for me. There's no such thing as "free" anymore...unless it be a kick in the pants.