27 September 2007

Jaysus, isn't the weather unbelievable?
First we had no summer in Ireland (and the UK had it bad too with the flooding and all). In all my life I'd never experienced a year without a summer until this year. And with my birthday being in August, there used to be a near guarantee of good weather. This year, it was raining from start to finish and I had lovely memories of swimming in Galway Bay last year on my birthday.
To add insult to injury:
Last night (26th September) we had frost! The car was completely frozen over. Quite unbelievable. Only a year ago, we were in Germany with the bikes at this time of year and it got so hot that I had to take off my motorbike jacket and put on something lighter as the heat was unbearable.
Global warming, maybe, but not so much of it here in Ireland.

Trying out this blog thing

Seems like everybody has a blog these days, so why shouldn't I? It's free and it can be deleted if I so wish.
Been uploading some pictures to Facebook. I've been using Bebo for a few months but, let's face it, Bebo is for the very young ones, teenagers up to maybe mid-twenties, and while I don't consider myself an old bore, I reckon I was looking for a slightly more mature-looking site. Hence Facebook.
Here's the link if you want to check out some of my pictures from Scotland where we spent a week this autumn:
To see comments for the pictures, just click on them and...bingo!