05 August 2009

Weight-lifting competition tomorrow, 6th August

Well, the competition I'll be participating in will take place tomorrow evening in the local gym. I've trained as much as possible, but I was told by my personal trainer not to overdo it as my muscles need time to recover. You're telling me! Don't I know all about my aching arms and muscles and tendons and what-nots and worrying if I'd be fit to lift weights tomorrow.
One of the young instructors in the gym must surely think I'm stark raving mad for enquiring in detail about the rules of the competition. "Who cares?" He might think wondering why I'm taking part in this competition in the first place (at my age!). I could be his mum.
I only found out yesterday that this competition was supposed to be for men only. A women who works in the leisure centre (she's possibly the manageress, I'm not sure) suggested that women should be able to take part in this year's competition. I wonder if there were any objections from the male instructors or if they thought women wouldn't particularly fancy a bench press competition anyway?
No women except for myself had signed up for the competition when I checked last weekend, but looking at the sheet yesterday, I noticed that another 2 women had put their names down :) But there could be more turning up, who knows?
I'm still quite uncertain about the rules as I've heard so much conflicting information, but I'll turn up there tomorrow evening and see how it goes. All I'm hoping for is that I don't totally disgrace myself. And that my nerves (and muscles) don't pack up as I've never taken part in any physical competition since my school days.
Wish me luck, folks, and I'll let you know tomorrow evening how it all went.


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adiaha said...

You can't disgrace yourself. You have already won, just because you entered. You are really brave, courageous and strong! I like that about my fellow blogging friends! Good Luck!