31 July 2009

What's up with the Irish weather?

It's driving me crazy, this weather! For 2 years, we didn't have any summer at all. Maybe a week of reasonably nice weather, but that was it.
For this year now, they were promising us a record summer. Well, they were for the UK, but I heard the Irish weathermen and women predict something similar for us.
And at the end of May, it happened: A heatwave! Now, when I'm talking about an Irish heatwave, you may get the wrong idea. We're talking about temperatures of 20 degrees or more. That's what we call a heatwave in this country, not the 35, 40 or 45 degrees that you might experience in parts or Southern Europe, Asia or the Southern States of America.
So we had a week of really nice weather with up to 25 degrees and after that, it was up and down a bit, but still mainly sunny and warm.
Then July came and the weather deteriorated. We had rain for part of the day on most days, and the temperature varied from about 14 to 19 degrees. In July? Indeed.
Today is the last day of July and this should be the hottest time of the year. Instead, it was raining all day. This is the beginning of the August Bank Holiday, the main holiday weekend of the season. They've forecast gale force winds in parts of the country and more rain, and I'm sitting inside with a hooded sweatshirt on and a little electric fire next to me to keep me warm.
With regard to the global warming, the predictions for Ireland are not encouraging:
Summer and winter are going to be even more similar than they have been in the past. Which means more rain and even warmer winters with the summer temperatures barely topping those of the colder season. Yes, the "Emerald Isle" will probably remain green for a while, but will the people of this country have to grow fins and gills?

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George said...

Much as I sympathise with your need for some warm weather, I don't think you would like the 30 or so degrees at midnight and 30-40 during the day which we have in Athens.

You might be enthusiastic for a week, but what would you say if the same went on for 3-4 months?

We are all asking for what we don't have. Too bad we can't have it all, that would be Paradise on earth.

Angela said...

George, I agree with you, the grass is always greener on the other side. My husband also says to me that I wouldn't be able to handle hot temperatures anymore after so many years in rainy Ireland. Wouldn't mind giving it a try though :)

hailman said...

well i think it was a horrific Summer myself too here in Ireland. I live in Sligo and I am working on my weather stats for Sligo. They are at the link


Angela said...

Hailman, thanks for your comments. Your site is great and I see that the autumn may be better than the weather we had in the summer. Unfortunately, you can't do many summer activities like swimming in the autumn :)