17 November 2009

Back to School!

Nearly 4 weeks since I started my course as a Health and Fitness Instructor and we had our first continuous assessment exams today. Hard work! I never went through the Irish school system, but I remember from when my daughter went to school here, that exams are "write write write" within a short period of time. So I wasn't surprised that it was the same in my university course:
1/2 hour to answer 5 questions in writing, with explanations plus a diagram in 2 parts for one of the questions. Just about got it finished before time was up.
And then in the afternoon, we were examined on a 5 min aerobic warm-up, not just doing it but teaching the moves to a group of classmates, including queueing and safety instructions.
It all went well though (I hope). I know I passed the aerobic warm-up assessment and hope that I also did ok in the anatomy and physiology exam this morning.
Only 2 weeks to go before the next exam and lots of practical and theory work to be done for other modules in the course. Didn't have a phantastic social life before I started the course, but now I hardly even find the time to post to my blog :(

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