06 August 2009

I've won the weight-lifting competition for the women. So thrilled!

Well, I've done it! Can't believe it actually happened.
There were 5 women taking part in the bench press competition in the gym of the Ennis Leisure Centre and maybe 25 men. The men kicked it off which suited me fine as the thought of 25 testosterone laden guys hanging around us while we were lifting weights wouldn't have appealed to me or the other girls.
The winner among the men lifted 150kg.
Then it was our turn. We started with the bar on its own which weights 20kg and worked our way up in 5kg increments. At 35kg, the first woman fell by the wayside, followed by the next ones at 40kg. At 45kg, there was only one other woman left. I lifted the 45kg, but she failed and I won the competition. I was delighted as I'd expected the winning weight to be higher.
After I'd been declared the winner, I asked the instructor/judge if I could try lifting 50kg. This was my bench mark and I wanted to see if I could do it by myself...I did, cheered on by my husband and my personal trainer. (For our US friends, 50kg = 110.231 pounds).
I don't have any photos to prove it, so you've got to take my word for it, but my trainer said he'd like to take some pictures of me lifting weights sometime soon.
I must admit, I've really enjoyed the challenge and I'm so pleased that I didn't lose my nerve. So provided that my muscles don't play up, I'll be training for the 55kg next. :)
The small picture in the top left corner shows the actual gym where I train, but you can't see the bench press on it.



Dazediva said...

hey ! congrats on winning the weight lifting competition !
that's soooo awesome !

I'm still not back at the gym from my foot injury - apparently its a hairline fracture that 2 doctors managed NOT to notice !!!

But wooohooo I'm cheering for you :)

Angela said...

Thanks very much for you nice comments!
Hope you get your foot sorted out soon. Is there anything they can do about it now that they've actually found it?