18 July 2009

Back in the "Dark Ages"

What did we ever do without computers and mobile phones? How did we survive back in the dark ages?
What did we actually do all day and night?
I do have a vague recollection of what life used to be like:

We phoned people from our home phone and made arrangements. Then we would meet or maybe wait for ages while the other person wouldn't show up.
Or we sat by the phone at home, waiting...for that important business call or that date we were looking forward to.
Or we would queue at the public telephone in the rain or try and find a free one, only to discover that it had been vandalised. - Hours wasted.

What did we do for communication? We had pen pals and would write letters to friends and family. Difficult when you had something urgent to relate in a letter that didn't justify sending a telegram. You knew it would take days, or weeks, to get a reply, depending on where in the world the other person lived.
To check out any kind of information, it would either be the parents' encyclopedia or a trip to the nearest library to find the information needed. Chances were that the information you were looking for was already obsolete.
These are just a couple of examples of life in the Dark Ages, not to mention things like meeting people, communication, social networking, setting up a business, research, study, courses, job search etc etc.
On the other hand, people spent more time with each other, went for walks, participated in sporting activities and played games. Many of these pastimes have all but disappeared since the advent of personal computers, laptops, netbooks and the various games consoles available on the market.
Still, you gotta love 'em, the computers and gadgets. They have deprived us of some things but they've given us so much more than we could've ever imagined.

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