18 July 2009

I'm still here! Well, actually...

I have to admit that I forgot all about this blog or should I say, I had too many other things on my plate for the last couple of years.
For the last month or so, I've been working on my new commercial website This 'n' That Bazaar and after listing a lot of different items, I decided to start a blog on my website. This led me back to my existing blog here which I've decided to revive.
I will copy some of the entries from the blog of my website to this blog if I consider them to be of general interest.
Apart from This 'n' That Bazaar, I have another commercial website Tara Herbs Ireland, a site for natural and/or organic remedies, supplements, toiletries and essential oils.
With the recession having hit Ireland really hard, I don't have much work at present and am therefore putting most of my energy into my online projects.

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