24 August 2009

Reviews for This 'n' That Blog

Please check out some of the reviews for my blog:
"Hi Angela - fantastic blog ! I really enjoyed the wonderful post you wrote about how you found your long lost friend via the internet. Very heart warming story. Excellent blog design with a super clean layout that made browsing your archives a breeze. Your posts are well written with excellent musings on your behalf. Will definitely save as a favorite so I can keep up with your updates. Best Wishes!"
Michael and Pamela
"fell in love with your site from the first story I read!! great layout, great pics, awesome blog!"
"Commendable blog: Well written, interesting posts with pictures or graphics that support. Site loads fast and navigation is easy and quick. All links function. I found the story of your quest to find a long lost friend to be most interesting. Once I started to read I couldn't stop until I knew the conclusion. Great writing that keeps the readers focused will result in a solid fllowing. Keep up the excellent posts. Layout and links are appropiate for your site. I couldn't find one that doesn't belong. The catagorization is well organized making it easy for any viewer to find what they're looking for without any effort. Great blog - keep the interesting posts coming. Yahoo has a phone service where you can talk for I believe 2-3 cents per minute. It might be a way for you and your long lost friend to hear each others voices. Good Luck. I'm bookmarking your blog and your my favorite for today."
"congratulations on a well-written blog. good layout and content. i will check back once in a while."
"Very nice welcoming site about random topics! Easy to navigate and well-written! Best wishes!"
"I liked this blog so much i joined it... enough said!!! :)"
"Congratulations! I wish you good luck tomorrow in the competition. I hope that you come out with flying colors. I admire that in you for competing in the competition. I would like to know how you came out tomorrow. Best of luck ! You have a lot of variety on your site. Keep up the great works ! Keep on writing !"
Noreen Ann
"I love this site and will refer back to it again and again. I find it hard to believe that a site without a particular theme would work, but this site really does. Fun and interesting, and well written too."
"This is great site. Your blog design is nice and simple. The blog was very easy to navigate. I wish you luck."
"You have a very interesting blog site. built well, nice colors, easy to navigate"
"okay I admit it I was prepared to be annoyed at another male blog site exploiting sex and females....but I kept going..I give everyone A fair deal and I liked it, BECAUSE it has lots of content , there is something for EVERYONE, and it is AMUSING, I did really like it, especially the "why didnt I think of that ", great ideas and photos there, so I give you kudos for the work put in, for entertaining and being yourself!"
"Nice little blog, it is at least varied in its subjects, so you should try to make one blog per subject, and use each to advertise each type of product, like the bit on the Irish weather could offer link to an umbrella shop, or patio furniture for either days; the bit about your trainer could be used to sell gym equipment, training video(talk to your trainer about that one), diet plan info; and you should be requesting people for your proofreading business on its own page- language that might be added to your list is english to french and French to english or are these at all available for proofreading and or translation? I do not know. But as a personal blog this is to dip your feet in the water, so get in deep and let it flow..."
"Really enjoyable blog. As an Irish-American, I enjoy reading about Ireland. Especially, the daily goings on. I'll definitely be back to check for updates!"
"Great presentation of information. I will be coming back to see future articles."
"Your blog is interesting. Very neat and its contents are great!"
"Well maintained blog. It contains lots of useful information about various topics. Explore it guys...!!!"
"Author of this blog has some interesting perspectives having originated from Germany, lived in UK, and now living in Ireland. It is fun following your blog as you experience Ireland with fresh eyes."
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