06 May 2010

I'm qualified :)

I've just been notified that I passed my exams and that I'm now a fully qualifired Gym & Fitness Instructor. Don't have my actual results as yet, but as I've passed, I'll be allowed to work as an instructor and get the necessary insurance.
Getting something off the groud will be difficult in the current economic climate in Ireland, but I'll be advertising and hope to get some clients either for personal training or to do fitness classes for mature adults.


Midnite Skys said...

Sweet!! Great Job. My friend started at a health club when she passed her exams.........

Angela said...

I'd say, no such luck for me here as the Irish are very ageist:( But hopefully, I'll be able to run some classes in the autumn. And I'll be talking to some people to see if they're interested in personal training sessions.